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The film stars Fardeen Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Mouni Roy and Kunal Kapoor. Plot The film is set in a middle-class family consisting of Uday (Fardeen Khan), Shailaja (Sonam Kapoor) and their two children Rhea (Ushna Gupta) and Raju (Kunal Kapoor). Uday and Shailaja's marriage is a happy one, however their life takes a turn for the worse when their elder son, Sunjay (Harsh Chaurasia), decides to marry a girl from a rich family and has to renounce his marital rights over his younger son, Raju. Raju is heartbroken by this turn of events and comes to be more interested in his studies and sports. Although Uday and Shailaja are not happy about Raju's behaviour, the couple support him in his endeavors and wish him the best of luck in his life. In a surprising turn of events, Raju's exams result turn out to be 100% marks and his reputation at school increases. Uday and Shailaja, as well as Raju's uncles, tell him that he has come a long way and should be able to choose his own wife now. However, they do not understand his sudden interest in girls from a rich family. Raju is now a teenager who has become more interested in girls than in his studies. He finds it difficult to maintain his grades and ends up failing. He gets into a heated argument with his mother Shailaja about her "flirtatious" behaviour in a public place, and storms out of the house. Raju meets the self-centred Priya (Mouni Roy), who is the daughter of a rich and powerful land owner, Rajendra "Raja" Singh (Raza Murad). She is a very beautiful girl and Raju is immediately attracted to her. Priya later meets Raju and invites him to her family's home for a birthday party. After attending the party, Priya requests Raju to help her study for her exams. However, Raju does not want to do this. He finds it difficult to study when he feels that he is responsible for Shailaja and Raju's misery and is unable to give them any good news. He does not want to take his grades for granted. He feels that he is not worthy of his mother and father's love and affection



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Download Movie Apna Sapna Money Money mahljust

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